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Application and prospect of laser marking[ 2021-07-28 ]
 With the rapid development of the domestic manufacturing industry, machinery and equipment based on laser equipment are inc...
What is rhinestone velvet made of?[ 2021-07-25 ]
Rhinestone velvet is composed of rhinestones and flocking cloth paper, so lets talk about rhinestones is a general term. Rhinestones belong to amethyst. Because......
What is the washing water mark?[ 2021-07-24 ]
Washing label is mainly the main parameter of how to wash clothing in packaging printing or packaging printing. There are many kinds of raw materials. The most ......
Is the dry stage of electric heaters particularly important[ 2021-07-24 ]
With the rapid development of electronic devices, chemical fibers, chemical plants, mechanical equipment and other fields, the flocking quality of flocking mach......
The advantages and disadvantages of flocking fabrics[ 2021-07-24 ]
To put it bluntly, the flocking fabric is made of various fabrics as stretch fabrics, and the front face is planted with polyester plush or bonded plush, and th......
The main purpose of transfer flocking paper shows the overal[ 2021-07-24 ]
What is flocking pape r? Flocking paper refers to the whole process of how long the fiber is used to adhere to the surface of the coating. Except for the differ......
Application of laser marking technology[ 2021-07-23 ]
The key analysis in the article is an overview of the application of the new laser marking technology, the technical characteristics of the factory laser markin......
Laser marking: How to increase the marking rate of fiber las[ 2021-07-23 ]
The laser marking machine uses a laser to permanently mark the surface of a variety of materials. The actual effect of the marking machine is to reveal deep-sea......

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