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The main purpose of transfer flocking paper shows the overal

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  What is flocking paper?

  Flocking paper refers to the whole process of how long the fiber is used to adhere to the surface of the coating. Except for the different materials, it is basically the same as cotton balls. It can also be said that the flocking paper sticks to the top of the cotton ball. That is the flocking paper, but unlike the cotton ball, it is a one-time sampling composed of polyester staple fiber plush + ABS plastic rod.

  The main purpose of flocking paper:

  Flocking paper is mainly used for sampling of human cavities (such as inside the mouth, nostrils, throat, vagina, etc.). ) And laboratory inspection.

  What are the advantages of flocking paper?

  Flocking paper sampling is more comfortable and application is more convenient.

  At this stage, the flocking paper generally uses the current technical spraying technology, and according to the electrostatic induction positive charge, millions of polyester fibers are vertically adhered to the top of the diagnosis and treatment rocker head in the whole process of the flocking paper. Vertical polyester fibers resemble soft brushes. Applying this kind of soft brush during the whole sampling process will make customers feel no discomfort. In addition, the flocking paper used in different positions chooses different break points, and the rods choose different sizes, which makes the flexibility more and more different. For example, the nostril, the upper part of the shaft is more accurate and softer, and the breaking point is longer.

flocking pape

  The flocking paper sample will have a higher release amount.

  The capillaries in the middle of the polyester fiber bundle drive the digestion and absorption of the liquid sample by a strong hydraulic press, so that the sample is maintained on the surface and it is easier to pass through the column. In addition, most of the samples collected by traditional cotton will still be trapped in the fiber cultivation medium on the top of the head, which is not easy to release or the release amount is small. It has been confirmed that the flocking paper can release up to 95% of the samples, and the standardized fiber tip can release up to 25%. If the number of samples is not large, the application of flocking paper is very important.

flocking pape

  Flocking paper has a microbial compatibility mode, which is an ideal choice for PCR work.

  The cotton ball is made of completely plastic raw materials to limit the destruction of the sample and improve the accuracy of the inspection. Therefore, flocking paper becomes the ideal type and the best choice for PCR. Therefore, for biologists who use PCR technology, the new flocking paper is compatible with PCR, without RNase and DNase.

  The advantages of flocking paper of Shaoxing Huacai Printing Material Co., Ltd.:

  (1) Use spouting sparsely planted polyester fiber technical.

  (2) According to the analysis of the difference of the new project, the collection of matching soft or soft brush materials has already achieved a very large collection.

  One-time sterile inspection injection molding processing rod with breaking point.

  (4) The technology of flocking paper improves the absorption/release volume and analysis sensitivity of specimen collection.

  (5) No sample interception means that specimen collection can be transmitted quickly and less quickly.

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