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What is the washing water mark?

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  Washing label is mainly the main parameter of how to wash clothing in packaging printing or packaging printing. There are many kinds of raw materials. The most common is the creamy white general trademark logo belt, also called tape. The post-processing technology is generally to take the cloth labeling machine to pack and print various main parameters, and cut into finished products.

  Washing labels are not only used for clothing, but there is no doubt that it is one of the most commonly used industries in the clothing industry. Naturally, as long as the labels are required for shoes, luggage, leather goods, electronic equipment and other industries, it is possible to apply washing labels, which are widely used in washing labels such as apparel, children's clothing, underwear, home textiles, shoes, bags, etc.

Transfer Washing Label

  Frequently Asked Questions about Applying Washing Water Labels

  During all normal printing, during all normal printing, there is no need to turn off the main power switch or shake the printer and the rear cover of the printer to prevent common printer failures, cardboard or jeopardizing the actual printing effect.

  If necessary, it is not necessary to open the cover or partition as much as possible. Direct sunlight or strong sunlight will reduce the characteristics of the printer. During the whole printing process, the printer could not print or stopped printing halfway. Observe the reminders on the actual operation control panel of the printer, identify the common faults, and deal with them later. If you can't distinguish, immediately contact the after-sales service to deal with common faults, and you don't need to blindly disassemble the printer to clean the printer.

Transfer Washing Label

  Washing labels are labels made of several types of materials. Its essence is also a label. Only the raw material is different from the general paper label. The key is used in the apparel industry, home textile industry, luggage and leather goods industry, key packaging and printing apparel main parameters and common problems. But the color can't be washed off.

  Washing labels are not only used for clothing, but there is no doubt that it is one of the most commonly used industries in the clothing industry. Naturally, as long as the shoes, electronic equipment and other industries in the home textile industry must be labeled, it is very possible to apply the washing label!


  1. Potassium permanganate solution.

  Use potassium permanganate solution aqueous solution to clean, common in gray-black bleach. After washing, a yellow precipitate will appear, which is removed with hydrochloric acid.

  The second is hydrogen peroxide.

  27.5% 35% industrial hydrogen peroxide. Storage should be protected from exposure. The actual effect of bleaching agent is light, and it is generally used as a bleaching agent for light-colored jeans.

  The third is calcium hydroxide.

  Too much is very easy to cause the physical weightlessness of textiles.

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