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Application of laser marking technology

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  The key analysis in the article is an overview of the application of the new laser marking technology, the technical characteristics of the factory laser marking and cable laser marking, and the safety maintenance of the laser marking technology.

  In the traditional manufacturing industry, marking technology has always been a key step in it. This technology can visually reflect the product information of industrial products. For example, equipment identification plates reflect the main parameters of the product, cable markings reflect the company name and model specifications, The beverage mark reflects the date of manufacture, etc. It is getting easier for users of this mark to understand the basics of the product.

  There are several traditional marking techniques, namely inkjet printer marking, sewing needle hand-engraved marking, paper sticker marking and so on. , But this method has corresponding technical shortcomings. For example, inkjet printers must be consumables for marking. If the black ink is not dry after the inkjet printer, other processes are likely to fade. The manual engraving speed of sewing needles is relatively slow, and the production and processing efficiency is high and low. The resulting new technology is laser marking technology.

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  Laser marking technology

  The basic principle of laser marking technology is to change the molecular formula of the outer surface of the raw material based on the short-wavelength laser, and indicate the setting information at the corresponding marking position. It is not easy to cause mechanical equipment deformation and heating deformation to the production and processing raw materials. Laser marking technology performs marking according to the characteristics of the surface layer of the changed raw materials. The marking information content is not easy to fall off. It only needs to be powered on without unique consumables. The production and processing efficiency is very high. The marking speed of large parallel lines can reach 10000mm/ Above s, this technology completely fills up the various technical shortcomings of traditional marking technology, and has been warmly welcomed by various light and heavy industrial companies in recent years.

  Laser marking technology.

  Technical details.

  Laser marking technology is widely used in various fields of production and processing. The laser forming method is mostly carbon dioxide and fiber optic cable raw materials. The laser beam is used to permanently mark the surface of various chemical substances. The actual effect of marking is based on the volatilization of surface chemical substances to expose deep-level chemical substances, or according to solar energy to cause surface chemical substances to cause organic chemical state changes to mark imprints, or according to solar energy to burn a part of chemical substances, indicating the necessary marking pattern design, Various graphics such as text and barcode.

  Technical characteristics.

  Laser marking technology uses laser instead of traditional sewing needle marking, and changes the surface chemical substance of the stainless steel plate according to the fiber line laser to engrave the corresponding setting information content. The production and processing speed of laser marking is 10 times higher than that of traditional sewing needle marking, and traditional sewing needle marking is only suitable for soft raw materials, such as aluminum and other stainless steel plates and other high-strength materials. The actual effect of hand engraving is poor, and the handwriting The picture quality is low, and the human eye cannot distinguish it. Laser marking solves the technical shortcomings. It can also work with high pixels on the stainless steel plate. The characteristics of laser marking equipment are summarized as follows

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  Figure 2 Identification of main parameters of stainless steel plate.

  (1) The laser output power is stable, and the quality of the logo image is high;

  (2) The production and processing are highly efficient, and the marking rate is 10 times higher than that of the traditional CNC engraving machine

  (3) There is no computer operating system limitation, the actual operation program is easy to write, the laser light path is completely closed and stable, and no maintenance is required;

  (4) As long as electricity is used, no other consumables are needed, the equipment has a long life, and the laser marking equipment on the market is sold, and the service life obtained by the manufacturer exceeds 100.000 hours;

  (5) Low noise, can be used in office, power consumption is less than traditional model specifications;

  (6) Extremely high precision, the screen resolution of the equipment on the sales market is up to 2500dpi;

  Compared with traditional model specifications, because laser marking is used, there is no need to touch with all mechanical equipment, so there is no need to set pneumatic suction or mechanical equipment fixtures to fix it;

  (8) Suitable for most metal composite materials.

  Laser marking technology also has new application characteristics than traditional manual engraving technology-barcode/two-dimensional code marking technology CNC programming software can accept BMP, JPG, DXF, PLT, AI and other file formats, and automatically generate a variety of serial numbers , Production date, one-dimensional code, two-dimensional code, etc., excellent image processing ability

  Marking technology programming

  Compared with the traditional CNC programming software for hand-carved markings of sewing needles, the laser marking mobile phone software is simpler and easier to operate. In terms of precise positioning of information content, coupled with the laser frame indicates that the customer can immediately turn on the laser frame and immediately observe the part where the program writes the information content, or immediately manipulate the keyboard keys on the keyboard to adjust the information content. It saves time and effort than traditional mobile phone software. In addition, the mobile phone software has also improved many functions, such as image insertion, bar code, two-dimensional code conversion, etc., and can also accept file formats such as BMP, JPG, DXF, PLT, AI, etc. The upgrade of this mobile phone software also makes the device useful A large number of applications indoor space and probability.

  Wire laser marking technology.

  The key to wire laser marking technology is to use ultraviolet laser to immediately break the molecular chain of the surface material of the raw material according to the short-wavelength laser, and display it on the matching trajectory, and it is suitable for meticulous marking of the inclined surface of the wire surface, and the wire core will not be damaged. The wire itself It will not produce mechanical equipment deformation and thermal deformation.

  Technical characteristics.

  Wire laser marking technology uses laser instead of traditional inkjet printer marking. In a variety of comparisons, it can be seen that laser marking is better than inkjet printer marking.

  (1) Picture quality. Because of the contrast of screen resolution and color, laser marking is clearer than inkjet printer laser marking. Inkjet printers must select different printing inks according to different wire colors to highlight the saturation. The replacement and actual operation are more important. inconvenient;

  (2) High efficiency in production and processing. Because the large parallel line speed of laser marking can reach above 10000mm/s, the speed of laser marking is much faster than that of inkjet printer laser marking. For mass-produced wire production and processing, the rate of laser marking The advantages are particularly significant;

  (3) The adaptability of processing technology. Laser marking is suitable for fine marking of the bevel of the wire surface or the marking of materials that cannot be adhered by black ink by inkjet printers, and the laser marking equipment can cooperate with fully automatic laser cutting equipment to produce wire production and processing production line applications. Inkjet printers cannot mark Can be connected with fully automatic laser cutting equipment. After the wire inkjet printer is laser cut immediately, it is necessary to wipe off the non-dry black ink according to the mechanical system such as the guide wheel and the straight wheel. In terms of the technical scope of application, the laser marking is also very good.

  (4) Cost of processing technology. At present, the price of laser marking equipment on the market is slightly higher than that of inkjet printer laser marking equipment, but inkjet printer laser marking must purchase printing ink. For the production and processing of wire rod and other mass production and processing products, the cost of printing ink is also expensive every year.

  Comprehensive aspects, the scope of application of laser marking on-line marking is far higher than inkjet printer marking. In recent years, various electrical equipment companies have continued to introduce laser marking equipment to replace traditional technical equipment.

  Safety precautions of laser marking equipment

  Brief description of the problem.

  Although laser marking technology has many technical advantages, it is mostly used for industrial production of lasers. Industrial production lasers belong to the fourth category of laser products and have certain damages to the eyes and skin. Therefore, safety protection must be used throughout the application process. Measures to prevent the direct or transmitted radiation source light from the electron optical output mirror. At the same time, appropriate precautions should be taken to avoid the output light or reflected surface light from irradiating the body immediately. Diffuse and refracted light can cause damage to the skin and eyes. Wear suitable protective goggles throughout the operation process. You can also install and shield work clothes in the laser production and processing area to protect the radiation source light and prevent the radiation source light from causing damage to the eyes and skin.

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  Security information content.

  The laser is a high-power ClassIV laser. Its key transmission wavelength is 1060nm above 10W, 20W, 30W, 50W. Light sources of the 1060nm level are likely to cause damage to the eyes and skin. This type of transmission is only invisible. The light is likely to cause irreparable damage to the cornea. When working with intelligent lasers, be sure to wear protective glasses from beginning to end.

  (1) Do not install a sight when the laser marking equipment is working

  (2) When actually operating the equipment, it is strictly forbidden to look at the output head, and ensure that you wear protective glasses from beginning to end;

  (3) In addition to the manipulation, adjustment or characteristics mentioned in the equipment, other actual operations are also likely to cause exposure to radiation sources.

  Environmental factors and preventive measures

  The adoption of environmental protection measures can reasonably prevent potential safety hazards during the entire application process of laser marking equipment. The specific measures are as follows:

  (1) The laser equipment is always working under moderate grounding device and nominal voltage switching power supply;

  (2) The device has an output electronic optical head connected by an optical cable, so care must be taken to solve the output head

  (3) When using a scope (such as installing the scope on a tooling fixture, or using the inner hole of an optical device, etc.), make sure that the intelligent laser is turned off;

  (4) The equipment should not be exposed to the natural environment with high environmental humidity;

  (5) Ensure that the working temperature and environmental humidity before the equipment is opened are within the required scope;

  (6) It is strictly forbidden to look at the output head, and ensure that you wear laser protective glasses when actually operating the product;

  (7) When laser marking on raw materials in high and reverse directions, the defocus method should be used for laser marking, otherwise the intelligent laser will be destroyed immediately;

  (8) The termination of the power supply voltage is very risky to the equipment, and a continuous power supply voltage must be given

  (9) In addition to the manipulation, adjustment, or characteristics mentioned in the equipment instructions, other actual operations are also likely to cause exposure to the radiation source;

  (10) Regarding the self-collimation output, maintaining the cleaning of the output lens is the most basic. After application, tighten the maintenance cover of the scope again, without touching the output lens, nor cleaning with organic solvents, but with plastic paper.

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