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Is the dry stage of electric heaters particularly important

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  With the rapid development of electronic devices, chemical fibers, chemical plants, mechanical equipment and other fields, the flocking quality of flocking machines continues to improve, and the main uses continue to develop. From industrial production fabrics and non-woven fabrics, the trend is slowly developing to apparel fabrics.

  At this stage, many printing and dyeing methods have already been used in flocking fabrics, such as architectural coating packaging printing, hot stamping packaging printing, printed fabric flocking, and flocking fabric immediately packaging printing and pulling out packaging printing.

flocking paper

  1. Flocking processing technology of flocking machine.

  (1) Wipe the adhesive.

  The viscosity of the adhesive should be controlled in the middle of 15000~30000cp. The aspect ratio of the adhesive will cause insufficient compressive strength and fall. When it is too low, it will easily penetrate into the needle punched non-woven fabric, and the touch will be hard. Therefore, the thickness of the adhesive layer is best to be in the middle of 0.2~0.4mm.

  The second is flocking.

  The hair color given by the flocking machine immediately harms the quality of the flocked textile. The hair color given by the flocking machine is not enough. The relative density of the flocking machine is not enough. The hair color given by the flocking machine is too much, and most of the hair is stuck by the adhesive. On the needle-punched non-woven fabric, the remaining fluff that is not bonded by the adhesive flies left and right under the effect of the electrostatic field, which endangers the cleaning in the room.

  (3) Drying treatment and cake baking.

  The purpose of baking in advance is to volatilize the organic solution and water in the adhesive. It is generally around 80°C. The purpose of baking is to improve the color fastness, so that the adhesive can be firmly integrated with the plush and needle-punched non-woven fabric. The temperature is low, and the color fastness to immobilization cannot be achieved. The temperature is high. The metal catalyst in the adhesive deposits acidic substances to make the needle-punched non-woven fabric vulcanized rubber. The temperature is generally controlled at 150±5°C.

  (4) Clean up.

  The purpose of cleaning is to recycle the floating brushes that are not embedded with adhesive on the flocked fabric.

  Among the four stages here, the most important is dryness. The temperature control should be accurate, and the general control is 150±5℃. In fact, there are many drying equipment in daily life, and there are four key ones: ultraviolet light drying, infrared induction drying, electromagnetic induction drying, and warm air drying. The basic principle is basically divided into thermal convection and radiation source.

flocking paper

  UV printing inks and super glues have a lot of drying. In recent years, infrared drying is the key to grain drying. Generally, machinery and equipment composed of components such as infrared heating tubes and halogen tubes are used. What about electromagnetic induction? That is, using the basic principle of electromagnetic induction heating, the cold air becomes warm after being touched by the high-temperature heat transfer body. At this stage, electromagnetic induction hot air boilers are commonly used, which are generally used to dry tobacco and agricultural products.

  The most frequently used flocking industry is actually heating and drying, including various drying industries. In fact, most of them are dominated by heating, that is, air duct heaters.

  The specifications and models of the circulatory system tube heater are divided into three types: ultra-low temperature, medium temperature and high temperature. The maximum temperature of the vapor heating of the ultra-low temperature heater does not exceed 160℃; the medium temperature heater does not exceed 260℃; the high temperature heater does not exceed 500 ℃. Generally, ultra-low temperature heaters can meet the dryness requirements of flocking. A temperature control board and fuse wire are installed on the circulation system air duct heater, which can be used to operate the circulation system air duct heater when the gas temperature is overheated to ensure that there is nothing wrong.

  The second is the use of flocking.

  The flocking industry is very broad and symbolic:

  Art field: small toys with a variety of design styles and materials, artwork, picture frame side panels, gifts, processing technology calligraphy and painting, artificial flowers, processing technology plastic lanterns, etc.

  Packaging industry: jewelry boxes, health care product boxes, wine box packaging, mirror boxes, marriage certificates, high-end valid certificate skins, wine bottles, box packages, self-adhesive labels, cardboard (board), etc.

  Automotive industry: vehicle silicone rubber sealing strips, plastic parts for automotive interior trims, etc.

  Other industries: motorcycle helmets, clothes racks, fireproof doors and windows, safes, lighting fixtures, kitchen cabinets, sanitary ware, furniture, sponge, EVA clothes racks, epoxy resin, porcelain, plaster of paris, laminated glass, plastics, recycled particle art Flocking on the surface of products and small toys.

  This shows that flocking has already been embedded in various fields, and the future prospects cannot be underestimated. As an indispensable power-saving and safe drying equipment, wind-to-heater has a great market prospect in the future!

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