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The advantages and disadvantages of flocking fabrics

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  To put it bluntly, the flocking fabric is made of various fabrics as stretch fabrics, and the front face is planted with polyester plush or bonded plush, and then it is steamed and cleaned. The frosted leather is colorful, mild to the touch, gorgeous in color, and unique in design. The main purpose of this type of fabric is universal, not only for making idealized fabrics for winter women's clothing, women's skirts, and children's clothing, but also widely used in the home textile industry. At this stage, the key is to fabric sofas, backrests, seat cushions and other fabrics.

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  The advantages and disadvantages of flocking fabrics.

  One is anti-fouling.

  At this stage, the general non-woven fabrics need to be added with modifiers such as Scotch to prevent pollution. The actual anti-fouling effect of pure cotton fabric is likely to be stronger, but the actual effect of general blended fabric is not very significant. The common defect is to harm the original color and feel. However, the flocking cloth is made of polyester raw materials. Polyester 66 is inherently antifouling. In addition, with the renewal and transformation of the British maintenance chemical fiber, the antifouling performance of the flocked fabric produced can be said to be the world's top. Generally, the dirt remaining on the nylon cloth can be cleaned with a damp cloth. Such as black ink, lead pen, oil stains, etc. , Just add some soap on the surface of the dirt, and then gradually rotate and scrub for three minutes, you can repair the current situation, it is always new.

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  The second is waterproof.

  The plush polyester 66 of the flocking fabric has the practical effect of waterproofing, or it can be waterproof, and its practical effect is better than that of all pure cotton non-woven fabrics.

  The third is antistatic.

  Generally, flocking cloth has antistatic properties.

  Fourth, do not lose hair.

  The basic criterion for testing whether flocking fabrics meet the standard is not hair loss. Some fake flocking fabrics will lose hair after two touches, let alone wipe them well.

  Feel soft

  White swan hair is the softest and most hand-feeling fur among small animals. The genuine flocking fabric will have a soft and delicate feel, soft and comfortable as if you were pregnant with a white swan. Its hand feel is not as good as other textiles at all. It is a kind of textile that is warm for many days and cool in summer.

  6. Bright colors.

  There are no other cotton or chemical fiber coloring restrictions for flocking cloth, and the plush can be colored according to different processing technology regulations to achieve the actual coloring effect. The flocked fabric is colored by plush, and then the flocked fabric is colored by the dyeing machine, and the standard air pressure laser is used for coloring.

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