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The advantages and disadvantages of flocking wallpaper Const

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  Flocking wallpaper is a kind of wallpaper with a velvet feeling on the surface, which is often used for the decoration of the bedroom background wall in home improvement. So how about the decorative effect of using this planting velvet wallpaper on the home improvement background wall? The following is an introduction to the advantages and disadvantages of flocking wallpaper, the construction method of flocking wallpaper, and how to deal with flocking wallpaper without foaming, etc., to understand the question of whether it is good to choose flocking wallpaper for home decoration background wall decoration.

  First, the advantages and disadvantages of flocking wallpaper

flocking paper

  1. Advantages of flocking wallpaper

  (1) Safety and environmental protection: No chemical substances are added in the production of flocking wallpaper, and no adhesives are used. Therefore, environmental protection is harmless, and the decoration is extremely environmentally friendly.

  (2) Good sound absorption: There is a layer of flock on the surface of the flocking wallpaper, so it has a certain sound absorption function. For home decoration wall decoration, it can play a sound insulation performance.

  (3) Good decoration: Flocking wallpaper has a variety of flower patterns and colors, and has a three-dimensional effect that other types of wallpaper can't match. Therefore, flocking wallpaper to decorate the walls of home improvement can bring a very good decorative effect.

  (4) Water-resistant and non-fading: The flocking wallpaper is specially treated, and it is not easy to fade after washing. As long as the maintenance is in place, it will not fade even for decades.

  2. Disadvantages of flocking wallpaper

  (1) High price

  Flocking wallpaper needs to use exquisite craftsmanship when processing it. Therefore, compared with ordinary wallpaper, the price of flocking wallpaper is higher than that of ordinary wallpaper.

  (2) High construction requirements

  When paving flocking wallpaper, considering the neatness and flatness of the flocking surface is not easy to judge, so find a decoration master who is skilled in construction technology for paving. Therefore, the construction of flocking wallpaper requires high requirements for construction workers.

flocking paper

  Second, the construction method of flocking wallpaper

  When paving flocking wallpaper, the process requirements for wallpaper paving are relatively high. Therefore, pay attention to certain construction methods when paving flocking wallpaper. The specific construction methods for flocking wallpaper are as follows.

  1. Deal with the base layer of the wall

  Before paving the flocking wallpaper, it is necessary to perform a certain treatment on the base layer of the wall to avoid the appearance of uneven wallpaper paving and blistering when paving. In general grassroots treatment, the main work is leveling, and the surface is smooth and free of debris.

  2. Prepare construction materials

  According to the current mainstream flocking wallpaper paving method, the auxiliary materials needed for paving generally include base film, rubber powder and glue. The function of the base film is mainly waterproof and mildew proof, while the rubber powder and glue work together to play the role of wallpaper adhesive. These three materials have a great influence on the quality of wallpaper paving. After the basic treatment of the wall surface is completed, it is necessary to adjust the base film and adjust the glue.

  3. Cut flocking wallpaper

  When cutting flocking wallpaper, some planning is needed to reduce the loss of wallpaper. Pay attention to calculating the amount of wallpaper and check the pattern of the wallpaper at the same time, and then make a reasonable cut according to the required size of the wall, so as not to better pave the wallpaper.

  4. Precautions for paving flocking wallpaper

  (1) Paving to ensure horizontal and vertical

  When paving the wallpaper, it is necessary to ensure that the paving is horizontal and vertical. The methods that can be adopted are to use the ink thread to pop horizontal and vertical lines on the treated base layer, or use a laser level to mark the horizontal and vertical lines on the wall, so that there is a basis when pasting the wallpaper, and the quality of the pasting is guaranteed.

  (2) Observe the principle of paving

  The principle of wallpaper paving is vertical first, then horizontal, first up and then down, first high and then low. Generally, the first wallpaper is posted at the door or inside corner from top to bottom. Use a scraper to gently scrape the wallpaper from top to bottom, from inside to outside, and squeeze out bubbles and excess glue to make the wallpaper flat and close. Wall.

  (3) Pay attention to the glue time

  Because the flocking wallpaper surface is contaminated, the dirt is not easy to remove, so it is recommended to use machine gluing and protective tape; in addition, you can also consider using the method of wall gluing for construction. After the glue is applied, the glue should be stuffed and waited, and then go on the wall for paving. The waiting time for each wallpaper should be the same, otherwise the flocking wallpaper may vary in expansion and contraction.

  Three, how to deal with flocking wallpaper without bubbles

  How to deal with flocking wallpaper without bubbles? The flocking wallpaper blisters, mainly because the uneven glue application when pasting the flocking wallpaper, which in turn leads to the shrinkage of the wallpaper surface and excessive separation of moisture from the base layer in the later stage, resulting in blistering on the surface of the wallpaper. If you want to solve the flocking wallpaper blistering, the method is relatively simple.

  1. Take the sewing needle to pierce the bubbling on the surface of the wallpaper, then release the gas, and then use the needle tube to draw an appropriate amount of adhesive into the needle hole just now, and then re-flatten the flocked wallpaper and dry it.

  2. For textured flocked wallpaper, the flocked wallpaper blisters, we can pick it up with a blade moderately according to the direction of the texture, scrape the glue in and press it together.

  3. If the above two methods of wallpaper foaming and drumming are not suitable for operation, the large-area drumming may be caused by the delamination of the wall. Replace the wallpaper with a new one in an emergency.

  4. Regarding how to deal with flocking wallpaper without foaming, if the wallpaper does not foam, pay attention to the paving when paving the wallpaper, so as to avoid the wallpaper blistering due to uneven paving.

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