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What is flocking paper? What are the advantages and disadvan

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  What is flocking paper?

  What are the advantages and disadvantages of flocking paper?

  To put it bluntly, flocking paper is to use various fabrics as elastic fabrics, embedding polyester fluff or bonding fluff on the front face, and then steaming and cleaning. The flocking paper is colorful, gentle to the touch, bright in color, and unique in design style, which is highly favored by customers. So, what are the advantages and disadvantages of flocking paper? Next, let us take a look at the flocking paper with me.

flocking paper

  What are the advantages and disadvantages of flocking paper?


  One is anti-fouling.

  At this stage, the general non-woven fabrics need to be added with modifiers such as Scotch for anti-fouling. The actual anti-fouling effect of cotton batting is likely to be stronger, but the actual effect of general blended fabrics is not very significant, and the same defect is that it harms the original color tone and feel.

  The second is waterproof.

  The flocking fabric's own fluff polyester 66 has the practical effect of waterproofing, or it can be waterproof, and its practical effect is better than all pure cotton non-woven fabrics.

  The third is antistatic.

flocking paper

  Generally, flocking cloth has antistatic properties.

  Fourth, do not lose hair.

  The basic criterion for testing whether flocking paper is up to standard is not to lose hair. Some fake flocking paper will lose hair after two touches, let alone wipe it with a good hand.

  Feel soft

  White swan hair is the softest and most hand-feeling fur among small animals. The genuine flocking paper will have a soft and delicate feel, soft and comfortable as if you were pregnant with a white swan. Its hand feel is not as good as other textiles at all. It is a kind of textile that is warm for many days and cool in summer.

  6. Bright colors.

  There are no other cotton or chemical fiber coloring restrictions for flocking fabrics, and the fluff can be colored according to different processing technology regulations to achieve the actual effect of coloring. The fluff is colored flocking cloth, after flocking the cloth is dyed by dyeing machine, and standard air pressure laser is used for coloring.

  However, the flocking cloth is made of polyester raw materials. Polyester 66 is born with certain anti-fouling properties. In addition, with the renewal and transformation of the British maintenance chemical fiber, the antifouling properties of the flocked fabric produced can be said to be the world's top. Generally, the dirt remaining on the nylon cloth can be cleaned with a damp cloth. Such as black ink, lead pen, oil stains, etc. , Just add some soap on the surface of the dirt, and then gradually rotate and scrub for three minutes, you can repair the current situation, it is always new.

  The difference between washed cotton and cotton


  The reliability of fluff is unstable, that is, it is not easy to shed fluff at the place with fluff, especially after several times of washing.

  2. Flocking cloth will cause static induction. Because flocking fabrics are mostly composed of polyester fabrics, polyester fabrics have poor water absorption, and the clothes have a hot feeling. At the same time, they are easy to be electrostatically induced and easy to stain dust.

  Is flocking cloth expensive?

  Flocking paper is based on elastic fabrics. It is made by embedding viscose fluff or polyester fluff into the front face of the fabric. It is not only colorful, but also soft to the touch, which is favored by customers.

  2. In recent years, a variety of flocked papers containing clothing prints or colorful checkered designs have been sold on the sales market, but the price of each store is different, and the price difference is relatively large. Generally, the price of flocked paper with a higher total width of nylon fabric is around 18 yuan per meter, and the flocked paper with a lower total width of nylon fabric is generally 8 yuan per meter. The main purpose of flocking cloth is universal, not only for making clothes, but also for fabric sofas and seat cushions.

  The main purpose of flocking cloth.

  Furniture: flocking fabric sofa, fabric sofa, electrostatic induction flocking fabric curtain fabric, etc.

  Art field: small toys with a variety of design styles and materials, artworks, picture frame side panels, gifts, processing techniques, paintings and calligraphy, artificial flowers, processing techniques, plastic lanterns, etc.

  Packaging field (packaging flocking cloth): jewelry boxes, health care product packaging boxes, wine box packaging, mirror boxes, marriage certificates, high-end qualification certificate skins, wine bottles, luggage leather goods, self-adhesive labels, paper (board), etc.

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