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What is flockde paper

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  Flocking paper introduction:

  The so-called flocking paper refers to a new type of paper that combines short fibers on the paper base to produce a flannel effect with good texture. This paper silk has good texture, is green and environmentally friendly, and has no pungent odor. Release, and the short fibers on the paper base can play an excellent sound absorption effect, so this type of paper is widely used, mainly for the decoration of some high-end places, such as hotels, villas, KTV, etc.

flocking paper

  Advantages of flocking paper:

  1. Excellent three-dimensional sense:

  This is unmatched by other types of paper. Its decorative three-dimensional effect is better than any paper. The unique texture of suede leather will show the pattern. This three-dimensional material can also increase the texture of the paper. Obtain special visual effects completely different from paper products.

  2. Sound absorption function:

  Unlike other papers, the short fibers on the paper base of this type of paper have a certain sound-absorbing function. It not only has excellent aesthetics in terms of decoration, but also is not inferior in terms of noise reduction, fire resistance and wear resistance.

flocking paper

  3. Obvious velvet feeling:

  The real flocking paper is made by bonding synthetic fiber short flock to the paper base by electrostatic flocking method. It has obvious flock texture and hand feeling, non-reflective, no peculiar smell, not easy to fade, and has excellent natural decorative properties.

  4. Environmental protection and health:

  Since there is no chemical substance in the production process, even if the short fiber is glued to the paper base, it is electrostatic flocking, and no adhesive is used at all. Therefore, it is completely environmentally friendly and non-toxic. You can use it with confidence. The decor for the baby room is good.

  5. Waterproof and non-fading:

  Many people worry that flocking paper is not easy to be waterproof or easy to fade during use. You can rest assured that the short fibers of high-quality flocking paper are specially treated and will not fade easily even if washed with water. Therefore, as long as the maintenance is in place, it can be used for decades without fading.

  6. Rich colors:

  Like other ordinary paper, flocking paper also has a variety of patterns and colors, which are mainly determined by the color of short fibers and the technology and method of electrostatic flocking in the production process. You can do it according to your preferences. Make the choice of suit.

flocking paper

  Flocking paper purchase skills:

  There are many flocking papers on the market, but many of them are inferior products, especially those with insufficient flocking content or using foaming agents to disguise. Therefore, you need to pay attention to the purchase process. It is recommended that you can choose the following flocking paper options:

  1. What is the amount of cashmere:

  The flock content is an important index to judge the quality of flocking paper. You can obtain the standard information from various channels first, and then compare and purchase one by one.

  2. Whether to use foaming agent:

  Many so-called "flocking" papers on the market now only add foaming agents to PVC paper or non-woven paper to form suede after foaming on the surface of the paper. Although this paper has the characteristics of flocking paper on the surface, it is far from the real flocking paper in terms of environmental protection and quality. Therefore, you must choose multiple choices and ask clearly during the purchase process. If necessary, you can write these terms into the purchase contract to protect your rights.

  3. Choose a regular brand:

  In order to ensure the quality of the flocking paper you buy, it is recommended to choose regular brand manufacturers to purchase products, such as our Huacai transfer, which has been available for many years. It is important to know that some large manufacturers have guaranteed production facilities, especially flocking paper that requires electrostatic flocking technology during the production process. And some small factories or workshops mostly use foaming agent for production.

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