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What is an infrared flocking sheet?

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  The characteristics of the infrared flocking film, the occurrence of the infrared flocking film, not only greatly fills and develops the trend of the type and color of the flocking film, but also gets rid of the original flocking film that is not thick or bright when it is colored, and cannot be sold immediately. The market’s fashionable color changes and other defects.

  The colored flocking is made by basically embedding a layer of velvet (that is, fragments of chopped chemical fibers) in the original finished leather (after the electrostatic induction is resolved), and the length of the velvet is 0.1~3mm. Using a unique super glue, according to the chemical cross-linking chemical changes, a strong porous structure is produced between the flocking and the flocking sheet, and the flocking is permanently planted on the surface of the flocking sheet to make the flocking flocking relative density It is more than 20 per square millimeter.

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  The key products of this product are clothing, rubber gloves, luggage and leather goods, clothing, shoes and hats, fabric sofas, car cushions and other daily appliances.

  The characteristics of infrared flocking sheet are:

  (1) It integrates the various colors of chemical fiber fabrics and the microbial characteristics of flocking sheets. Compared with colorful chemical fiber fabrics, it is very easy to achieve a variety of colors dyed by chemical fiber fabrics. Its colors are far milder than chemical fiber fabrics, and have a sense of hierarchy and texture. All chemical fiber fabrics cannot have flocking alone. Some kinds of microbial characteristics;

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  ②Because of the unique electrostatic induction solution, it prevents the doubts caused by the accumulation of static electricity, and expands the application range of flocking sheets, especially for the production of vehicle lining materials. It not only has luxurious and elegant colors and the essence of cowhide, but also solves the problem. The accumulation of static electricity that has puzzled everyone is very easy to cause safety accidents;

  ③Flocked frosted leather has strong color fastness to polishing, up to 10.000 times (refer to gb/t1375), and wet color fastness over 150℃;

  ④The tensile strength of finished leather exceeds 1KG/mm2 (refer to sg334-83);

  ⑤It not only has the unique breathability, flexibility and richness of flocking sheet, but also has distinctive washing resistance, easy cleaning, waterproof, heat insulation and flame retardant grade. The defect of this type of new product is: flocking on the flocking sheet to make leather products, giving customers a false impression that this kind of product is fashionable nylon or artificial flocking sheet in the 1960s and 1970s.

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