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How to do flocking

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  Today, I will introduce to you what is the flocking production process and the main factors of flocking fabric knowledge. The flocking product series are rich, including: plush, short plush, beaded fleece, hand-cranked fleece, etc. The products are bright in color, lint-free, non-fading, friction-resistant, environmentally friendly, and exportable. The perfect partner for jewelry boxes, gift boxes, watch boxes, photo frame back panels and other products. We aim to ensure product quality and meet customer requirements. We warmly welcome you to call or write, come to visit and exchange, processing with samples and materials. I hope we can cooperate happily!

flocking paper

  Most T-shirts are made of pure cotton fabric, but in fact almost all fabrics and blended fabrics can be flocked.

  Use screen flocking to print the adhesive on the surface of the T-shirt, which is done by hand or machine printing; fill the flocking electromechanical terminal with flocking, and shoot the flocking hair perpendicular to the surface of the adhesive layer; the following is the drying process, in order to ensure proper Temperature and time; the dried fluff is closely implanted in the deep layer of the adhesive, and finally the excess fluff on the T-shirt is removed with a special cleaning equipment. According to the requirements of fastness, the final flocking product should have certain fastness to washing, washing, rubbing and light.

  Flocking mainly requires viscose or nylon fluff as fluff, dispersing glue as adhesive, screen printing adhesive, electrostatic flocking machine, dryer and cleaning agent as equipment.

flocking paper

  Flocking fabric is a kind of fabric obtained through modern technology. It uses a variety of fabrics as the base fabric, and is planted with nylon fluff or viscose fluff on the front, and then undergoes special processing. The staple fiber (fiber length is 0.03~0.5cm) is fixed on the surface of the fabric mainly by adding an adhesive, and the resulting fabric is collectively referred to as flocking fabric. The flocking fabric is rich in suede, soft to the touch, bright in color, and unique in style, which is very popular among consumers.

  The production principle of flocking fabric:

  Principle: The production principle of flocking fabrics is to use the principle of electromagnetic (electric charge) mutual attraction of opposite sex and mutual repulsion of the same pole. Use technology to make the fluff negatively charged, and then place the fabric to be flocked at a zero-potential grounding position to obtain a positive charge, and then move the fluff to the vertical direction of the fabric to be sucked and implant it vertically. The surface of the fabric is implanted on the surface of the fabric, and the fluff is implanted The imported fabric is coated with viscose. When the fluff sticks vertically to the surface of the fabric, the flocked fabric is born.

  The above is the flocking process of Xiaobian finishing, as well as the fabric knowledge of the main factors required for flocking processing. I hope this article can be helpful to you. At the same time, the editor hopes that everyone must be cautious when buying these products. , Beware of being deceived.

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