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How to use heat transfer flocking heat transfer

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  How to use the thermal transfer flocking heat transfer sold by our manufacturers? The home flocking lettering film is mainly composed of PU powder + ink. Its pattern surface has a very strong three-dimensional feeling of plush, good washing fastness, and a very soft hand feeling. So the question is how to use the flocking lettering film?

  Everyone knows that the heat transfer on clothes is one of the most important aspects that can not be ignored in the performance of the details and texture. The special fashion sense shown by Meiyi's heat transfer can add money to the texture. So today I will take everyone to learn about flocking lettering film.

How to use heat transfer flocking heat transfer

  How to use heat transfer flocking heat transfer? We must first understand the various characteristics of flocking flocking lettering film! This product is suitable for all kinds of textile fabrics, with strong coverage, strong three-dimensional effect, bright colors, and its fluff is quite pure! Therefore, in the lettering film products, it can be said to be restrained and low-key. Unlike the rough production, the hand feels delicate and soft. Flocking lettering film products can make clothing patterns more personalized and richer. It is the best choice for the pursuit of texture.

  So how should the flocking lettering film be used? First of all, adjust the time and temperature of the knife with the timer and thermostat of the heat press machine. Place the substrate flat on the silicone plate, and then place the heat transfer image on the substrate, and press the handle down until it is completely closed. Whenever the time for indicating thermal transfer is up, the buzzer will sound, and then the handle will be lifted back to its original position. If it is cold torn, you must wait until it cools before you can tear off the heat transfer paper. If it is to be hot torn, you need to tear off the heat transfer paper immediately after the hot stamping is completed.

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